Deep Ellum Wine Walk

A few days ago, we had the Bishop Arts District Wine Walk in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX. This evening there was the Deep Ellum Wine Walk. A word about the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas. Originally called Deep Elm, this district in East Dallas developed in the late 19th century. Because of its proximity to the Houston and Texas Central Railroad, it was also called Central Track. Today it is mostly an arts and entertainment area.  As I sipped wine along the way, I encountered a young couple who struck a pose for my lens– they saw me, they posed, then went on their way. I never got their names.

A few minutes later, two young ladies asked if I would take their photo. They are Allie and Jennifer. Allie lives in Wisconsin and is visiting Jennifer. Allie (who isn’t shy!) texted me her number and in return I texted her their photo.


Drawing for prizes at the end of the Wine Walk.


DSC_9595 (3)

Allie (left) and Jennifer.

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