Bastille Day. 2016.

Story goes that after C. S. Lewis lost his wife to cancer, a colleague said to him, “Life must go on.”  And Lewis is said to have answered, “I don’t know that it must.  But it certainly does.” 

So. Here we are. Again. Again!  Again, dammit!  In shock. Grieving, again, for France. And yes, life does go on.  It is Bastille Day, Vive France!  

This evening, I went to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas. Despite the news (maybe in defiance of the news– we were giving the finger to terrorists) this evening in Texas we celebrated July 14, Bastille Day.  I won’t offer narrative… just a few photos and names.

And may I never forget: This evening, the one thing I heard repeated, over and over and over, was “Thank You.” To police.



Hillary and friends were enjoying wine, when I happened along and asked if I might take a photo.


I met Megan and her friends as they sipped wine. I had just taken a photo of Megan’s friend Hillary. Megan has beautiful eyes, but decided to wear shades… Makes her a bit mysterious… a bit Garbo-esque. 🙂


A mime, if you don’t mind.



What is France without a lovely chanteuse? She sang “I Love Paris” and “Le Marseillaise”, among others.


Street acrobats. There was something about the texture of this photo that prompted me to make it black and white. Sort of gives an antique feel to the moment.


Of course, you might prefer your acrobats in color… so here ya go!



The lady on the right is French. She speaks fluent English with an utterly charming French accent. And I admired her baguette.


Sammy enjoys being photographed. And I like to take photos. She suggested a few poses. This one is my favorite. Strikes me as almost painterly, and the grouping even suggests choreography, which it certainly wasn’t. 🙂

DSC_9946 (1)

Shelby and Sammy.


L-R: Brett, Jen, Pat. I met them as I was heading back to my car. Quite amiable!

DSC_9960 (1)

Please let us know what you think about what we see.