Let’s see you build this…

Having a sense of history (wrote Gerald Schlabach) begins with knowing that “some things happened before other things.”  Amazing how many people don’t know this basic truth — they don’t know that before the so-called New World with its civilization, there was classic Mayan civilization with its advanced mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and calendar.

Katherine is “We’ll See!” overseer of ancient civilizations. This past week she has been on assignment to Belize where she took these photos of the ancient Mayan temple of Lamanai. When I look at these photos, I’m struck by the thought that someone took the time to design, plan, budget, and carry out the building of these structures. What this means to me is that the Mayans weren’t always groveling in the ground to scratch out a living, or fighting off plagues, wild beasts and barbaric hordes. They were exceedingly intelligent people. Clearly, they had the time, motivation, vision, skill, and resources to build impressive structures. Even today, the average person on the street would have no idea how to accomplish this. In this sense, the Mayan was smarter and more capable than most of us today.

Thank You Katherine for giving us permission to publish these photos!

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