Layne Elizabeth

This morning I was in the Dallas Farmer’s Market, when off in the distance I heard what sounded (to my ear, anyway) like Joni Mitchell, or someone with much the same vocal timbre. The singer, I learned, was Layne Elizabeth, and I was amazed to find out from her mom Melissa that Layne is only 16. I sat and listened for a while, chatting with Melissa, learning something about the young lady and her talent. Layne is the daughter of a songwriter, and grandaughter of hippies (on her mom’s side).  On her dad’s side, she is descended from Italian Immigrants. Coming from such a colorful combination of genes, Layne can’t help herself— she has a ton of talent, lots of self-confidence, and an excellent stage presence.

Click on link for short vid of Layne singing this morning: F5B40CF2-75C2-4B79-8408-4AA8F9B4773C



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