Ancient of days.

Maria and her family recently returned from Israel and Jordan, and she is generously sharing photos for posting on “We’ll See!”

These three clerics are standing in the doorway of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I look at them and realize that I am seeing the embodiment of centuries of faith and tradition, perhaps reaching back thousands of years. We should always appreciate those who remind us of things which are constant and good, and beautiful.

Thank You Maria for sharing this photo (and more to come!) on “We’ll See!”

El Castillo.

Whilst in Mexico last year, Maria took this stunning photo of the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza.  I use the word “stunning” with deliberation, because the word can be traced back to “ex tonare” (out of thunder).  One can easily imagine that the ancients felt thunderstruck by whatever mystical power resides at the top.

Myself, I am awed by the thought that ancient people built this. How did they get this knowledge?

Thank You Maria, for permission to publish your photo.