Faces from the parade.

2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Roosevelt. He told me that he invests in real estate.

This fellow works at a downtown hotel. He came out of his workplace just long enough to see the passing parade, and he agreed to stand a moment whilst I took his photo. I regret that I did not get his name.


Japan has a special place in my family’s heart  My mom and dad were stationed in Tokyo from 1949-1951, during the American occupation  My sister Meredith was born there in 1950. My dear friend Maria’s mother was from Okinawa.  I must make a pilgrimage to Japan before I die.

Sunday, January 14, I attended the Japan-America Sociery Mochitsuki New Year´s Celebration in Richardson, TX. The program included

Mochitsuki – pounding Japanese sweet rice
Kakizome – first calligraphy of the New Year
New Year’s children’s games
Ikebana – flower arranging by Ikebana International, Dallas Chapter 13
Nengajo Contest Winners – New Year’s cards

Plus singing, dancing, drumming. Such International celebrations are common in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Fifty years ago, this area was something of a cultural wilderness Today it is one of the most culturally diverse metropolitan areas in the United States.

Okinawa ceremonial dress and dance.

Your neighborhood samurai.